Thinking Of Selling Your Home This Winter?

Putting your home on the market this winter? Our Director, Jan von Draczek, suggests these six tips to tempt buyers into making an offer… 

1. Let your home shine

Let as much light into you home as possible. Throw open your curtains and blinds and turn the lights on to achieve a bright, airy feel. If you have a fireplace, get a fire burning to bring a warming glow to the room. 

2. Turn up the heat

Temperature plays an integral role in determining the feel of a home. In winter, this is particularly important. The heat should be just a few degrees higher than in summer to warm property viewers up after being outdoors. This will leave them relaxed and comfortable for the viewing – you may want to offer to take their jackets at the door so they don’t end up overheating, though and whatever you do, don’t heat your home up like the Bahamas and leave your potential buyers sweating.

3. Warm neutrals

A paint refresh is often a good idea before selling ­– we become blind to the scuffs and marks of everyday life, but a potential property buyer will see every imperfection. A fresh paint job eliminates this concern. Go with neutral colours to achieve that blank canvas feel, but use light creams and warmer whites, rather than brilliant whites that can feel cold. Carry this through your soft furnishings if possible too, with a warm throw on the sofa or plump cushions in neutral shades.

4. Use sense with scents

Be very careful with the scents you choose and opt for something subtle. Our sense of smell differs; that Jasmine scent you love may be cloying for your potential buyer. Try and stay with natural scents – think pine cones, citrus and cloves. 

Remember, too, that your pets, adorable though they may be, are not odour-free. The last thing you want is the smell of wet dog permeating the house. Try and keep animals out of the way during viewings and give your home a good airing out beforehand, leaving plenty of time to warm it up again before the viewing starts.

5. Outdoor impressions

There’s no denying your garden is not going to be at its best in winter, but even at this colder time of year, your outdoor space can be a selling point, so it needs to create a positive impression. Make sure you clear any fallen leaves, keep the lawn neatly trimmed and prune any hedges. Deadhead hardy flowers and remove weeds. Make sure your outdoor storage is tidy and there are no toys scattered across the lawn. If you have exterior lighting, keep it on throughout the viewing to highlight your outdoor space. 

Would you like to speak to a professional sales agent? 

If you would like to take advantage of the increasing numbers of buyers looking for a new property in Rutland, Stamford and South Lincolnshire at the moment, the team at Fine & Country can help advise you on every step of the selling process. To speak to Jan or Ildi, please call us on 01780 750 200, and we would be happy to assist you. Alternatively, click here to book your free, no obligation property valuation.

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