How To Prepare Your Home For Sale this Spring

Langley House – Upton

To achieve optimal results when putting your home on the market, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Jan von Draczek, Director of Fine & Country Rutland, Stamford & South Lincolnshire gives his top tips on how to showcase the highlights of your home. 

There are a number of techniques to selling a property, but fundamentally, they all point to the same base fact: sellers need to focus on showcasing their home’s best features to gain a competitive edge and realise the property’s true sales potential.

Selling a home at the best possible price within the preferred time frame takes more than luck. It’s about having the right real estate professional in your corner with the right tools and a few tricks up your sleeve.

There’s no need to completely revamp your property or embark on a costly, time-taking renovation project to make a sale. It’s about finding ways to highlight your home’s key features. This can be in the way you present your home – uncluttered, curtains open to let light in, suitable scents and the like, but there are also a few subtle changes that can make a big difference. A few well-chosen tweaks can update your entire home, giving it a fresh look and feel – and without squandering your savings. A lick of paint and a thorough scrubbing is the ideal place to start to ensure your home is in tip-top condition. 

Here are a few more ways of making sure your home is in top form on show day:

Neville House, Rutland


The kitchen is fast-becoming one of the most important areas of the home. For many buyers, it can be the deciding factor. An updated kitchen increases the perceived value of a property and leaves a lasting impression. Take a good, hard look. Is your kitchen well-loved and a tad worn? Refurbishing the countertops and cupboards can quickly reverse that trend. Updating large appliances also breathes new life into the space. Depending on the space, it may be worth adding an island to increase the room’s aesthetic appeal and boost counter space.


Not much needs to be done in a bathroom for it to feel different. Changing the taps or adding a mirror can freshen up the look and alter the space. Lighting can also change the feel of the room and breathe fresh life into an outdated area.

Storage and organisation

Depending on the layout of the property, installing additional storage space can be a practical way of creating an additional selling feature. Buyers tend to look for homes with ample storage capacity, so pantries, utility cupboards and the like can be a selling point. Building in under-stairs storage can be a good way of turning an unused area into functional space.

Neville House – Rutland


If the home has carpets, they should be in good repair and professionally cleaned. If the carpets are not in a good state, depending on what’s underneath it might be worthwhile having them replaced. You never know, there may be some beautiful original wooden flooring underneath the carpeting, which can be sanded and revarnished. Wooden floors are a timeless feature that are constantly in fashion. The right kind of flooring makes a room appear larger and it can revitalise a tired room. 

If none of these options are feasible, smaller house hacks include things like replacing door handles, replacing soft furnishings or removing some of your excess furniture to make rooms appear spacious. Your agent can advise on what is likely to add to the appeal of your home.

For advice on selling or buying property, please contact Fine & Country Rutland, Stamford & South Lincolnshire on +44(0)1780 750 200 or email

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