The benefits of selling your home via open house

Open houses are a hugely under-utilised tool in the industry for selling a home, but we really believe in them as there are many benefits for sellers. From saving time and managing viewings more effectively to selling quickly and attracting bidding wars, here are a few reasons why it’s one of our favourite ways to sell a home in Rutland, Stamford and South Lincs…

Bank House attracted 12 viewings and 4 offers via open house

Save time

If your home is highly attractive and sensibly priced, the chances are you are going to have plenty of viewings booked in. However, having to ensure your home is looking its very best several times in the week can be exhausting and time heavy – especially if you lead busy lives. Cleaning, dusting, tidying away…. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to do all of this in one go to minimise disruption to your life and get back to ‘normality’ quickly? With an open house, you can!

Maximise interest

We tend to find that properties advertised as an open house allows our sellers time to whet buyers’ appetites, generating a good sense of urgency and interest. We therefore encourage properties to have two to three weeks between launch and the open house date to ensure interest has absolutely peaked before we invite potential buyers round. Thus ensuring maximum exposure and creating some healthy competition on the day!

Glenville attracted 8 viewings and 2 offers via open house

Attract serious buyers only

Open houses allow enough time for us to vet each buyer so that we can ensure the only people viewing are in a proceedable position. This helps increase our chances of selling the house at the end of the day.

The potential to attract higher offers

Open houses usually create competition amongst buyers, which generates multiple offers. These are often (but not always) over the asking price.

Be sustainable

As well as being an efficient use of time, it is also a more green way of selling a home because it removes numerous trips back and forth to a property. This helps us as a company to reduce our carbon emissions – a small part, but every little counts right?

Glasshouse Farm attracted 7 viewings and 4 offers via open house

Structured appointments

We organise timetabled appointments which allows us to control the situation and flow on the day. This ensures that it remains a personal experience for our sellers as well as the buyers.

Things to bear in mind… 

Be patient. The waiting from launch to open day can be torturous but trust us – it is worth the wait. We have an excellent track record to prove it! But timing is key, jump too soon and you will fall, too late, and you will miss the boat.

Open houses can be perceived by some buyers as unfair, because the high demand means that those not in a position to proceed right away are at a big disadvantage. As a seller, this however streamlines the process, ensuring that there are only serious contenders on the table.

Oak Road was a huge success selling via open house

Find Out More

For more information about selling your home this way, please do contact Jan and Ildi on 01780 750 200 or e-mail:

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