How to help attract a quick sale and the best price with your garden this September 

The Long Barn – Rutland

FINALLY, summer is here… we think! September has started off beautifully and looking at the weeks ahead, it does look like the season is starting a little later than usual this year – fingers crossed! 

Like us, you’ve probably been battling garden growth over recent months however, as the combination of humidity and rain has created an ideal set up for everything to bloom and grow. If you’re planning on selling your home this September then it is really important you are keeping on top of your lawns, weeds and plants for viewings as well as for when it’s photographed by your estate agent. After all, you want to achieve a quick sale and the best possible price! Gardens are a huge priority for people now, with some of the best ones attracting a premium, so you need to ensure your photographs are looking amazing wherever your home is being promoted – whether that’s on portals, your estate agent’s website, shop window, brochures and press! 

Whether you do it yourself or give your gardener a list of instructions, here are a few things we encourage our sellers to think about before we send the photographer round… 

The Old Stables – Pipewell

Mow the lawn (s)

Mow, mow, strim and mow – but don’t overdo it otherwise you’ll kill the grass. Fill in any holes your dog has dug up (yes this happens to us!), and remove any weeds or moss growing in the middle of your lawn. If you’re lucky to have multiple lawns, ensure you do this for all of them. 


Regularly remove weeds wherever you see them – borders, flower pots, flower beds, hanging baskets, paving cracks and so on are the most common places for the little rascals to thrive. 

Water, deadhead, prune and cut

Buyers will want to see your garden in all its glory at this time of year as it could be theirs one day. With this heat you’ll need to water everything to stop them from dying – imagine how off putting that could be? Meanwhile deadhead and prune to help keep things tidy, and don’t forget to cut back creeping brambles and overgrown hedges and trees. 

Tidy up

How are buyers supposed to imagine what life in your garden would look like if everything is messy? Neatly tidy away anything that doesn’t need to be out – think gardening tools, children’s toys, dog toys, rubbish etc. Clear up after your dog, sweep up, jet wash patio/decking areas if you need to and arrange your gardening chairs around the table. 

Church View House – Elton

Home stage 

With al fresco dining at the top of a buyer’s list now it’s worth dressing any outdoor seating areas with rugs, throws, a table cloth, cushions etc. This can help reinforce to buyers that your home offers a fantastic spot for entertaining outside or to enjoy a romantic night out at home. 

Do repairs 

If your fence, shed, side gate, summerhouse, green house and so on is looking a little battered, it’s worth repairing them as anything broken will be noticed by buyers. Don’t put them off!

Find Out More

For more advice about maximising your garden’s appeal in order to sell your home this September quickly and for the best possible price, do contact Jan and Ildi on 01780 750 200 or e-mail:

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