Homes for new year health and wellbeing goals

It’s a brand new year, and exercise is one of the most popular resolutions on people’s lists. Why spend money on a gym membership however when you can workout from home? We’ve had a look through our homes for sale and found two homes with facilities that offer an ideal space to break out a sweat, from swimming pools and tennis courts to equestrian, gyms and trampolining.


This impressive Arts and Crafts style family home has all the bells and whistles for a good workout… there’s a heated indoor pool for all year round swimming, a hard tennis court, gym and plenty of lawn space to practice yoga or pilates. With all of this on offer, it’s the perfect retreat for kick starting your health and well-being following a good New Years eve party where no doubt the seriously cool cinema room, bar and games room will come in handy when entertaining friends and family. Read more

The decorative iron gates that open onto a circular gravel drive greet you and your guests upon arrival. The sweeping lawns also act as a great space to enjoy some relaxing yoga amongst the majestic trees.

Come rain or shine, you can swim many lengths in this wavy-edged swimming pool. Lavish, hand-painted decoration incorporates fluffy white clouds and romantic, classical angels including Cupid firing his bow and arrow, flying up to a huge lantern skylight, whilst faux-marble pillars support this ethereal world. Afterwards you can relax in the hot tub, steam room and sauna – just like you would at a leisure centre. Four pairs of French doors and a double set of bi-folding doors from a recessed area currently accommodate some gym equipment, but the owners have also used a reception room in the main house as a gym too.

If grabbing a tennis racket is more your thing, then you will love the enclosed hard tennis court with Astro-turf surface in the grounds, which is overlooked by an attractive stone and brick pavilion that is original to the 1920s house. With lights all around it, you can play in the day as well as the dark.

And for yoga or pilates enthusiasts, this stretch of lawn is another ideal spot to practice your poses and stretches. As it spans the width of the entire property, it could also be a great place for a personal training session.

View the full listing here. Remember to keep an eye out for the amazing cinema room and bar area!

SNAKE HALLMoulton Eaugate

This house is for equestrian lovers… with stables and paddocks for horses and countryside all around, what better way to enjoy exercise than by riding around the beautiful outdoors. There’s also an attractive landscaped lawn ideal for yoga, pilates or a personal training session, and an area for a trampoline. Read more

The fine sweeping front lawn is the perfect space to watch the sun rise or set with yoga or pilates, or even a place to lift some weights with your personal trainer.

Keep your horses warm and dry in one of four brick-built stables all approximately 13 x 13 ft. Theres also an almost 20 ft. long hay barn behind a yard wall and a concrete yard with a self-filling water tank, which are in a very sheltered position close to the house and with easy access to the 3.5 acres of paddocks. From the house you can enjoy many a ride, and there’s plenty of space to keep your horse boxes too.

Trampolining or trampoline gymnastics is a competitive Olympic sport in which athletes perform acrobatics while bouncing on a trampoline. It became an Olympic sport in 2000 and there are some seriously impressive jumps and positions one can do. Whatever your ability, trampolining is a great way to have fun whilst exercising – and the current owners at Snake Hall have a very large one ideally positioned in the garden. The g-force that bouncing produces helps firm up every part of your body, including legs, thighs, arms, hips, and stomach. It also has the added benefit of improving agility and balance, and something both children and adults can enjoy.

View the full listing here.

Find Out More

For more information about Tudor Lodge or Snake Hall, contact our Rutland, Stamford & South Lincolnshire office on 01780 750 200.

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