UK property market sees strongest January for 17 years 

The Spinney

According to Nationwide, 2022 started off with a bang for the UK housing market, recording the strongest January since 2005 as annual house price growth rose by 11.2%.

This has brought the average price of a home to £255,556 – the sixth monthly increase in a row. Growing 0.8% from 10.4% the previous month, this is also the highest monthly rise since June last year. 

Robert Gardner, Nationwide’s chief economist, mentioned: “Housing demand has remained robust. Mortgage approvals for house purchases have continued to run slightly above pre-pandemic levels despite the surge in activity in 2021 as a result of the stamp duty holiday, which encouraged buyers to bring forward their transactions to avoid additional tax.

“Indeed, the total number of property transactions in 2021 was the highest since 2007 and around 25% higher than in 2019, before the pandemic struck. At the same time, the stock of homes on estate agents’ books has remained extremely low, which is contributing to the continued robust pace of house price growth.”

Meanwhile Rightmove claim early-bird sellers benefitted from increased buyer competition last month as the number of buyers enquiring about homes was 15% higher than January 2021.

What do we expect for 2022? 

The UK housing market has certainly had a good time so far this year. January is traditionally a strong month anyway, as many people add ‘moving’ to their list of New Year’s resolutions, but 2022 has been a phenomenal one. 

As we quickly head towards spring, we are now starting to see early signs that more property choice is on its way, which is great news for our long list of registered buyers. Owners of country houses tend to have lovely gardens, and these only look their best in the warmer months. We have therefore been very busy valuing such properties since the beginning of the year across Rutland, Stamford and South Lincs, as homeowners start to chat with estate agents and solicitors, whilst preparing their homes for sale. This shall certainly help rebalance supply and demand, but there are still plenty of purchasers out there. They may be slightly more cautious about how much they spend due to rising energy prices and the bank rate, but we still expect it to be a very busy year indeed. As long as sellers are realistic about what their home is worth and ensure they are using an estate agent who is using the best marketing methods possible to reach the widest audience as possible, 2022 should be another bumper year. 

Considering selling? 

If you’re considering selling this spring, you can contact Jan or Ildi on 01780 750 200 for more information about how we promote homes to the widest possible audience with our award winning marketing services, and/or to arrange a no obligation market appraisal. 

How did the local property market end in 2021?

Country houses in and around Rutland and Stamford, especially in the villages, were highly sought after last year, with sales surpassing expectations given the challenges of Covid-19. It’s been a bumper year for our sellers, with offers often being pushed to over asking price as buyers compete to secure their dream homes. So it’s of no surprise that we are constantly being asked what we think will happen to the local property market this year. Of course, we cannot predict the future, but we thought we’d share the various housing reports that have been published so far, along with some of their forecasts for 2022… 

Nationwide House Price Index

In November, house price growth across the UK rose by 0.9% with an annual change of 10% meaning values are now almost 15% above when the pandemic first stuck in March 2020. The stamp duty holidays in April and September 2021 have been major boosts for buyer activity, but as everybody expected, when those ended, transactions dropped by almost 30% year on year in October. 

Rightmove House Price Index

Valuation requests were 19% higher in November 2021 than a year previous, which is encouraging news in terms of more stock coming to market this new year, as one of the biggest challenges the industry has faced is there not being enough homes for sale to cater to intense buyer demand. Rightmove also reported that 2021 saw the highest level of completed home sales since 2007. Meanwhile the average time to secure a buyer has dropped from 52 days to 38. The figures are equally impressive for the East Midlands. The county has seen the second highest monthly rise in house prices (+0.9%) out of all the regions, with an annual change of +8.6%. The average time to sell a home is now just 35 days. 

In terms of 2022, Rightmove believe the housing market will still be busy, but not so ‘frenzied.’ They expect strong buyer demand to continue well into this year, but it may be slightly dampened due to higher interest rates, whilst more properties will come to market making the balance between buyers and sellers a bit more even. Overall, they predict house prices will rise by 5% nationally, but buyers will have a bit more negotiating power as there should be more properties for sale than there were last year.

Halifax House Price Index

Figures show the average UK house price has risen by 3.4% in the three months to the end of November – the highest quarterly rise since late 2006 – with an annual change of +8.2% and a monthly change of +1%. Halifax have indicated that prices have risen for five months in a row with growth now at a 15-year high. 

Land Registry UK House Price Index

Their report focuses on October, which saw an annual house price growth of 10.25% across the UK. Rutland recorded an increase of 4.7% on average when compared to the same period last year and a monthly rise of 2.3%. Meanwhile in the East Midlands house prices grew 11.3% annually but dropped 0.9% when compared to September 2021. 


The house selling weather forecast has noted that buyer demand in Rutland has increased 23% over the last twelve months, with postcode district NG33 seeing the most property sales across the year. Currently all of Rutland is in a hot sellers market with LE7 the hottest place for buyers to buy a home at 71°, followed by LE13 at 70° and LE14/NG33 both at 69°. You can find out how your postcode is performing in their free online calculator

What we say at Fine & Country

Our properties have been flying off the shelves during the pandemic, as buyers tap into the appeal of the lush green countryside that surrounds us. Demand has been so intense because buyers seek more space inside and outside in their quest for rural life, with the two stamp duty holidays no doubt fuelling the activity. It’s meant that we have been working 24/7 to conduct viewings, agree offers and ensure our clients exchange and complete on time, to include a few organised for the run up to Christmas Day! It’s been a truly incredible experience albeit rather frenzied, and given how quickly our properties have been selling through all of the national lockdowns, it is very clear to see that lifestyle options are now just as important as bricks and mortar. We are very much looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings which includes the opening of a new office in Oakham, so watch this space!

Here are some of our key property highlights for 2021

Battleford Hall – sold off market

The buyers were on the hunt to find their dream home but nothing ticked all of their boxes. After talking to them on a number of occasions, we got a clear understanding of what they were after and as it happened, we were just preparing to put Battleford Hall on the market which we believed would suit. We sent the buyers preliminary details which was followed by an exclusive, off-market viewing and a sale was agreed shortly afterwards. 

Riverdale – sold off market very quickly at full asking price

This was another off market sale we did last year, never hitting the open market. We had a buyer who was extremely motivated, and had requested a pre-launch viewing. They subsequently offered at full asking price. It was an extremely quick transaction and completed just before Christmas.  

Meadow View – our home staging advice led to the property selling 5% over asking price in less than two weeks

Meadow View was marketed by other agents before we started promoting it in June. As it was an empty new build home, we professionally staged it with our exclusive home stager, Lemon & Lime. In less than two weeks of going to market, we had received an offer 5% over the asking price for our client.

Considering selling? 

If you’re considering selling, you can contact Jan or Ildi on 01780 750 200 for more information about how we promote homes to the widest possible audience with our award winning marketing services, and/or to arrange a no obligation market appraisal. 

Boxing Day could be the best day to be selling your home

Traditionally, the winter season isn’t seen as a prime time to be selling a home, but the property portals tell a different story. Boxing Day in particular sees a surge of buyer activity, and we believe there are plenty of other benefits too for selling during the Christmas period. Here are a few of them plus some top tips for selling this December…

Portals see a surge in web hits

All of the portals claim that they see a substantial spike in web hits over the festive season, in particular Boxing Day. Rightmove for example have announced that last year they recorded 51 million visits between Boxing Day and new year – a 54% rise on the year before. With free time on their hands combined with the digital age we now live in, it’s of no surprise that people are browsing on their tablets and mobile phones to see whether they can find their dream home – often it’s a new year’s resolution. We too have seen internet traffic on our website increase during the Christmas holidays, so it is absolutely vital that sellers are taking advantage of this online activity. Last year, we received 30 phone calls and 18 emails from the portals we advertise on, and I suspect we shall see the same if not more this year as the buying frenzy for country life continues as a result of the pandemic.

There’s reduced competition

There’s usually far more buyers than there are properties for sale over the winter season, which means sellers don’t have to ‘compete’ with as many people to grab the attention of purchasers. This tends to have a positive impact on how high the offers are …

Buyer demand is still going strong

Over the last eighteen months, many of our houses sold within a week of launching to market – most of them within a month. This intense demand is still going strong, far outpacing the volume of good quality of homes for sale. We are organising on average 10 viewings on our homes, even now when we’re just 3 weeks away from Christmas Day! Buyers are still paying a premium to live in and around Stamford, Rutland and South Lincs too, in their quest for an idyllic life in the countryside. Our sellers who have seen the best sales results are those with homes in good condition, have large gardens, a good alfresco entertaining area and either a separate office or a dedicated study within the house itself. Now is the perfect time to be taking advantage of this activity.

Glebe Farm in South Lincolnshire looking amazing in front of a winter sunset

Homes are warm and cosy

Winter is the perfect time to play on your home’s cosy, family-friendly charm, especially on viewings. There’s something quite magical about walking into a property and seeing the warm glow of table lamps, candle light and a fire, alongside tabletop centre pieces with winter greenery and seasonal senses including a cinnamon diffuser and a freshly cut Christmas tree. It makes a buyer imagine exactly what it would be like for them to spend Christmas there themselves. 

Be careful with seasonal photographs 

It’s better if you have photographs taken before you put your decorations up, or have them removed temporarily whilst pictures are being taken. This is because if your home is still on the market in the new year, you will give away how long it’s been on the market for if buyers can still see any hint of Father Christmas and his reindeer. 

Be tasteful with your decorations

Try to keep Christmas decorations simple rather than garish, as buyers could easily be put off on viewings if there’s colourful ornaments, inflatable santa’s and flashing bright lights everywhere. 

Holwell looks amazing from the outside when all of the lights are on

Remove the signs of winter from your home

Presentation is key when selling, even more so in winter when the rooms will feel darker and mud and dust will be around far more than in the warmer months. You need to ensure your house is looking its very best in photographs and on viewings, so deep clean absolutely everywhere (especially if you have dogs!), hoover regularly, salt icy driveways and sweep the paths and garden free of leaves and debris. 

Warm the house up

It’s no doubt going to be cold so ensure the heating is on long before the first viewing arrives. A lit fire is an added bonus for creating a lovely ambiance should you have one, two or three!

Maximise Light

Winter brings much darker days, so you need to allow as much daylight in as possible for viewings. Ensure all curtains and blinds are open, turn on all of your lights, invest in higher wattage bulbs and remove large objects away from windows where they may be blocking natural light.

The kitchen at Retreat Cottage is looking very warm and cosy

Book viewings during daylight

If possible, try and have viewings during the day when it’s light so that buyers can see your home as best as they can. 

Find an agent who is open during the holidays

In addition to choosing a good estate agent who truly understands their local property market, knows how to promote your home to the widest possible audience, and won’t overprice your house in order to win your business, it’s worth having somebody who is open during the Christmas holidays. Ideally, you want them at least responding to buyer enquiries, even if it’s for booking viewings in for the new year rather than the latter part of December. Do let them know if you are happy to have viewings between the 27th and new years however – just remember to tell them when you will be entertaining guests! 

Find Out More

For more information about selling your country house in Rutland, Stamford or South Lincs, contact Ildi or Jan on 01780 750 200 or e-mail:

‘Dress to Impress’ to help sell your home

Meadow View was marketed by other agents before we started promoting it in June. As it was an empty new build home, we professionally staged it with our exclusive home stager, Lemon & Lime. In less than two weeks of going to market, we had received an offer 5% over the asking price for our client.

It’s no secret that it’s never been a better time to be a seller in and around Rutland, Stamford and South Lincs over the last eighteen months or so. Houses have been selling fast as buyer demand outpaces supply. Although more people are seeking a quieter slow paced life in the countryside however, if a property is unfurnished or the furniture, décor and accessories are all a bit of a mismatch, it can quite easily put purchasers off.

If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, you may need to consider home staging, interior styling or ‘dressing to impress’ as we like to call it. This concept was initially a common practice for developers in Prime London to give their luxurious properties the wow factor. However, home staging has become increasingly popular across the UK for home occupiers (and developers) too. 

An empty house, or one that is untidy, cluttered or filled with mismatched furnishings and accessories can be some of the reasons why a property doesn’t receive any viewings or offers. 

With buyers taking about 40 seconds to decide whether they will make an offer or not once they step into your property, you therefore want to make sure it is in top-tip condition and looking its very best in photographs and on viewings in order to attract interest and high offers quickly. Remember, first impressions really do count.

Here are some of our top tips for ‘dressing to impress’ your home this winter… 

We launched this superb home in Great Casterton in October, achieving over the asking price as a result of home staging the property. 

Engage a home stager for an empty house

Empty homes can feel soulless for buyers, especially now where it’s all about lifestyle as well as the bricks and mortar. Many buyers do struggle to envision what their potential new home could look like if there’s nothing in it. A stylist can really help solve this problem though. They will visit your house or development before you have any photographs taken and recommend how you can optimise its appearance. They’ll include the garden as well – especially now that outdoor entertainment has shot to the top of a buyer’s ‘wish list.’ This will include renting a particular style of furniture alongside various accessories and textiles to help bring a bit of life indoors and out. They will tailor it to your target audience too so that it will appeal to the maximum number of buyers. The expense of engaging a stager is more cost effective than reducing the price of your home because you can’t sell it, so they are absolutely worth their weight in gold. Ask them for the stats but staged homes usually secure more viewings, offers and even higher asking prices when done properly. Your chosen estate agent should be able to recommend a good home stager for you, but an even better one will have recommended you engage one before you even ask!

Deep clean

Give everything a good clean – the standard you would expect when you go on holiday and stay at a villa or hotel for example – as buyers will notice dirt. Include fridges, cupboards, curtains, oven, carpets, windows, surfaces, skirting boards, bathrooms, toilets – plus hoover throughout. Don’t forget to sweep sheds, greenhouses, summer houses and garages too.

This country home was marketed originally with other estate agents, but it didn’t sell – probably because it was unfurnished. When we were approached to sell it, we suggested we staged the house first. We used the services of Lemon & Lime and in just five days of launching to market, our client received an offer at the full asking price.

Let there be light

There’s nothing quite like a nice table lamp and a few candles to create a warm relaxing atmosphere with their glow in winter. Don’t overpower the house too much with scent however – not everybody likes a smelly candle! Some good options for this time of year are cinnamon or vanilla. Make sure you have turned on all of the table lamps throughout the house too, so that no where is left in the dark.

Create a sense of cosiness

Buyers love a property to feel warm, homely and cosy when they’re visiting, and winter is the perfect season to be doing it. Stack a couple of books or magazines neatly on a coffee table, add fresh winter flowers to a vase for the kitchen and place a few house plants around the house. Lay the dining table, add some pictures to the walls (not personalised ones though!), and turn the heating on a few hours before they arrive. If you have a fire, light it and let it glow. Throws, rugs, cushions and blankets help provide a welcoming mood too.  

Maximise space

Lots of furniture in a room can make a space feel small, so you can either move a side table into another room for example or perhaps a friend or family member can temporarily look after that extra arm chair, dresser or sofa that’s looking a bit worn. Think about the positioning of your furniture too – especially in the living room in relation to the TV – or somewhere you can maximise a stunning rural view. Clear away gardening tools and toys – they’re not just a trip hazard but you don’t want them appearing in photographs either. Take magnets and paintings off your fridge, remove some of your pictures of favourite family memories, clear away kitchen work surfaces and temporarily hide ornaments if you have lots of them around. Decluttering and working out furniture positioning are great ways to show potential buyers how much space is available around your home.

This lovely family home in Northamptonshire failed to sell with other estate agents when it was initially launched. When we launched it to market in September after dressing it for sale through Lemon & Lime, we received an offer over asking price just four days later.

Find Out More 

Despite it being a really strong housing market here, homes have to ooze good quality from every corner if they are to stand out from the competition and maximise their value – home staging helps achieve that. As you have hopefully read above, we have many examples of where styling a house can help achieve good results fast. 

For more information about how best to sell your home this way, contact Jan or Ildi on 01780 750 200 or e-mail:

7 ways to sell your house fast this winter

If you’re thinking about selling your house this winter, you may be wondering how you can take advantage of the buoyant market in order to find a buyer quickly and sell at a good price. Whatever your reasons for selling, there are many factors to consider which can help attract potential buyers. Here are seven important one’s…

Manor House – Burton Coggles – We are a big fan of twilight photography, and this gorgeous village house in Rutland is no exception. 

1. Professional photography

The saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ is so true when selling a home. Excellent imagery of interiors, gardens and the exterior ensures sophisticated presentation which is the key to successful marketing. This is because they are the first thing a buyer will see whether it be a portal, brochure, newspaper or an estate agent’s website. Bad images can easily put buyers off if they’re not up to scratch, and you only get one chance to make that all important first impression. Otherwise, you risk your house being on the market for longer, de-valuing in the mind of buyers. It’s therefore vital to ensure your house is being marketed with professional imagery which will capture the finer details of fixtures, fittings and character features, as well as produce sharp exterior and garden shots. This is even more important in winter when gardens will be looking bare and the skies dark. This level of quality cannot be achieved with a smartphone.

2. Dangle the ‘bauble’ of attractive pricing 

It’s no secret that Stamford, Rutland and South Lincolnshire are in a hot sellers market, with good quality homes selling fast and for great prices. However, you need to make sure you do not overprice your property when launching to market. The consequence of doing so usually results in taking a longer time to sell, where often the final purchase price will be lower than if you had had your home valued correctly from the start. With a short window after launch before a home becomes stale in the eyes of a buyer, competitive pricing will allow for a greater volume of viewings, bidding wars, a higher selling price and a quicker sale. Here we explain these benefits a bit further

3. Embrace modern technology and maximise marketing exposure 

A good estate agent will be embracing modern technologies alongside traditional methods in order to create the best results for their sellers in print and online. How people find and view homes has changed, especially during the pandemic, so you need to make sure your house is being marketed beyond a shop window, website or portal. Other platforms such as social media and national press are excellent ways to attract the attention of property buyers, with tools such as PR, blogs, video tours and professional photography all playing their part in creating attractive content around properties, as well as ensuring widespread exposure. 

Kilthorpe Grange, Ketton (now sold) – the owners here prepared their home inside and out to ensure the rooms and gardens looked their very best for photographs and viewings.

4. Prepare your home for sale 

To achieve optimal results when putting your home on the market, it is important to stand out from the crowd. A dirty, messy property inside and out whether in photographs or on viewings is not going to entice buyers to make a good offer, if one at all. There’s no need to completely revamp your house or embark on a costly renovation project to achieve a sale, but you will need to ensure it’s looking its very best. A few well-chosen tweaks can give it a fresh look and feel without squandering your savings. Things to consider include decluttering, having a deep clean, tidying away toys and tools, ensuring plenty of light, mowing the lawn, hoovering and fixing minor repairs. 

5. Highlight key features 

The pandemic has brought about a change in what is at the top of a buyers’ house hunting check list. Outside space, home offices, spacious rooms, energy efficiency and good broadband speeds are all being prioritised now, so make sure these are being highlighted in your property’s description for the brochure, portals and estate agent’s website.

Welland House, Rutland (now sold) – This delightful home boasted a heap of post pandemic features that buyers now seek, so we ensured we highlighted them across all of our marketing. We even won a few awards on this house due to our various PR and marketing campaigns!

6. Be flexible

Buyers love a flexible seller, particularly on price as well as on the agreed completion date. Consider the position of your buyer because if they are chain free or are purchasing in cash for example, they should allow for a quicker less complicated sale. The assurance of minimal stress and a swift move can often be tempting enough to agree to a lower price or a delayed completion date. Plus from a buyer’s perspective, they are more likely to make an offer if they feel the seller is going to be easy to deal with. You’d be surprised at how many purchasers get put off or pull out of a sale because they feel a seller is being difficult.

7. Don’t choose an estate agent based on who is offering the lowest fee 

Ultimately to achieve the above, you need a good estate agent who truly understands their local property market. Do your research and find a reputable firm who have an excellent record for selling your type of property. Don’t choose one based on who is charging the lowest fee. Any agent can sell a house, but a skilled one will be able to attractive plenty more interest quickly. Those charging a higher commission are usually the one’s advising and implementing all of the above. 

For more information about selling your country house in Rutland, Stamford or South Lincs, contact Ildi or Jan on 01780 750 200 or e-mail:

6 reasons not to overprice your home

It’s no secret that Stamford, Rutland and South Lincolnshire are in a hot sellers market, with good quality homes selling fast and for great prices. However, if you are a prospective seller you need to make sure you do not overprice your property when hitting the property portals. The consequence of doing so usually results in taking a longer time to sell, where often the final purchase price will be lower than if you had had your home valued correctly from the start. 

A property has its most impact on buyers when it is first listed. With a short window after launch before a home becomes stale in the eyes of a buyer, our Fine & Country team explain the benefits of setting the asking price at market value…

  1. A greater volume of viewings 

A well priced property will attract far more enquiries and viewings – fact – so you will soon know whether the price is right once your home has launched to market. Having spent weeks, months and in some cases years searching for their dream house in the country, buyers are very familiar with local selling prices. Anything that looks overpriced they will avoid. The more viewings you can secure, the more likely you are going to attract multiple offers, bidding wars, a faster sale and the asking price, if not higher. For example, we suggested a client in Ketton launched their three bed house with an exceptionally large garden at £1m. Within a week we had secured ten viewings and achieved full asking price, completing the sale in just six weeks.

  1. Bidding wars

Plenty of viewings can result in multiple offers, as buyers try to outbid the competition. This is known as a bidding war and is a great position to have when you are a seller because it pushes offers higher and higher. Think of it a bit like selling something on ebay – price too high from the start and you don’t get much interest, but start a bid at 99p, it’s amazing how quickly that figure spikes once you have lots of people interested in the item and placing their bids. 

  1. Sealed bids

Sealed bids happen when a property receives a lot of interest from buyers. Rather than having a continuous bidding scenario which could potentially go on forever, sealed bids offer a private auction type scenario where competing buyers submit their best and final offer (ie their highest) by a pre-agreed deadline date. The seller then reviews them all before accepting one of them.

  1. Open houses

We are a big fan of open houses – so much so that we wrote about them on our blog recently From saving time and managing viewings more effectively to selling quickly and attracting bidding wars, you’re only going to benefit if you attract plenty of interest on the day by setting the asking price correctly from the offset. 

  1. A higher selling price 

All of the above can result in the final purchase price higher than originally set – sometimes up to 20% over. Since May 2020, almost half of our sales achieved the full asking price or over. Meanwhile, 65% of our current sales under offer have sold on or above the asking price. We often achieve figures over the asking price on open houses too.

  1. A quicker sale

Setting the price right means that you are more likely to sell your home faster too. 


If you overprice your home, it will most likely stay on the market for longer, meaning after a few weeks or months your estate agent will be suggesting you reduce the asking price. By this point, the balance of power shifts to the buyer, giving them far more room for negotiation. You also risk little interest and failing to sell at all. 

The key to ensure your home is being marketed at the right price is to find a good estate agent. When choosing a firm, you will be presented with various market appraisals, but those who are most accurate are usually the ones who truly understand the local market and are suggesting similar asking prices. It’s the agent who has suggested a price much higher than everybody else you need to be wary of, as they could be trying to win your business – which is a recipe for disaster! 

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How to help attract a quick sale and the best price with your garden this September 

The Long Barn – Rutland

FINALLY, summer is here… we think! September has started off beautifully and looking at the weeks ahead, it does look like the season is starting a little later than usual this year – fingers crossed! 

Like us, you’ve probably been battling garden growth over recent months however, as the combination of humidity and rain has created an ideal set up for everything to bloom and grow. If you’re planning on selling your home this September then it is really important you are keeping on top of your lawns, weeds and plants for viewings as well as for when it’s photographed by your estate agent. After all, you want to achieve a quick sale and the best possible price! Gardens are a huge priority for people now, with some of the best ones attracting a premium, so you need to ensure your photographs are looking amazing wherever your home is being promoted – whether that’s on portals, your estate agent’s website, shop window, brochures and press! 

Whether you do it yourself or give your gardener a list of instructions, here are a few things we encourage our sellers to think about before we send the photographer round… 

The Old Stables – Pipewell

Mow the lawn (s)

Mow, mow, strim and mow – but don’t overdo it otherwise you’ll kill the grass. Fill in any holes your dog has dug up (yes this happens to us!), and remove any weeds or moss growing in the middle of your lawn. If you’re lucky to have multiple lawns, ensure you do this for all of them. 


Regularly remove weeds wherever you see them – borders, flower pots, flower beds, hanging baskets, paving cracks and so on are the most common places for the little rascals to thrive. 

Water, deadhead, prune and cut

Buyers will want to see your garden in all its glory at this time of year as it could be theirs one day. With this heat you’ll need to water everything to stop them from dying – imagine how off putting that could be? Meanwhile deadhead and prune to help keep things tidy, and don’t forget to cut back creeping brambles and overgrown hedges and trees. 

Tidy up

How are buyers supposed to imagine what life in your garden would look like if everything is messy? Neatly tidy away anything that doesn’t need to be out – think gardening tools, children’s toys, dog toys, rubbish etc. Clear up after your dog, sweep up, jet wash patio/decking areas if you need to and arrange your gardening chairs around the table. 

Church View House – Elton

Home stage 

With al fresco dining at the top of a buyer’s list now it’s worth dressing any outdoor seating areas with rugs, throws, a table cloth, cushions etc. This can help reinforce to buyers that your home offers a fantastic spot for entertaining outside or to enjoy a romantic night out at home. 

Do repairs 

If your fence, shed, side gate, summerhouse, green house and so on is looking a little battered, it’s worth repairing them as anything broken will be noticed by buyers. Don’t put them off!

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For more advice about maximising your garden’s appeal in order to sell your home this September quickly and for the best possible price, do contact Jan and Ildi on 01780 750 200 or e-mail:

Homes for Olympians

With the world enjoying the Olympics where Team GB are doing incredibly well, we’ve put together some wonderful houses we’re selling ideal for practicing your Olympic skills at home…

Swimming / Diving / Artistic Swimming

Practice laps, artistic swimming or install a diving board to follow in the footsteps of Tom Daly at this wonderful pool setting at Pipewell Hall! Read more


You can practice your swing or ‘ace’ your serves with your very own tennis court at Cranesgate House! Read more


If you are enjoying the dressage and/or jumping then you will adore this house in Deeping St James’. It really is the ultimate in all things equestrian, with facilities including stable block, rug and tack room, tractor shed, hay store, food room, flood lit sand manège, machinery barn and more! If you also fancy following in the footsteps of Adam Peaty and his team, there’s also a swimming pool to practice your laps in. Read more


En garde, ready fence! The Great Hall at Cheriton House offers plenty of space for those who love fencing. Fun fact: Fencing was one of the first sports to ever appear in the Olympics! Read more

Judo / Karate / Taekwondo

There’s nothing quite like exercising in the gardens of your home, and with plenty of space at this former vicarage, it’s an ideal spot for throws, kicks and punches. This house also boasts a swimming pool and tennis court you’ll need to bring back to life should you fancy a go at those sports too. Read more


There’s plenty of room to install a trampoline in these grounds! Each time you bounce in the air, you’ll have terrific open field views too. Read more

Find Out More 

If you would like to practice your Olympic skills at any of these fabulous homes, then get in touch with Jan or Ildi on 01780 750 200 to arrange a viewing, video tour or to chat through your requirements.  Alternatively, visit our website for more homes, just like these!

Homes with ‘Ace’ Tennis Courts

Wimbledon 2021 may be over, but we are still enjoying our tennis courts during this heat wave. Here are a selection of our homes ideal for practicing your serves.

Pipewell Hall, 9 Bedrooms, £3,500,000

Quite the history with this one, but we are here for the tennis, not the gossip! So we will leave you to read up on the Lloyd Banking family, sample some of Bad Boy Cider’s very best offers, and ponder the pages of many a wedding photographer whilst we boast about the tennis court… There’s even a summerhouse for pimms and strawberries afterwards, or perhaps you’d prefer a dip in the pool to cool down in? Read more

The Old Rectory, 7 bedrooms, £1,650,000

This classic yellow stone Grade II home has a former grass tennis court which can be brought back to life – rumour has it that grass courts are much tougher than the contemporary hard-surface! Come match day, serve tea in the beautiful Victorian conservatory-esque greenhouse, and let competitors cool off in the swimming pond afterwards. Provide post match fuel from your very own orchard or the extensive vegetable patch. Read more

Cranesgate House, 5 bedrooms, £650,000

Wrapped by open farmland, wile away lazy summer weekends on the courts at this beautiful three storey, late Georgian farmhouse. Unusually, this property is not listed, so any tennis fanatics could go wild while carrying out any refurbishment works or creating themed guest accommodation in the outbuilding (subject to any planning requirements, of course). Read more

Find Out More 

If you would like to practice your serve at any of these fabulous homes, then get in touch with Jan or Ildi on 01780 750 200 to arrange a viewing, video tour or to chat through your requirements.  Alternatively, visit our website for more homes, just like these!

In The Press – The Week

Another one of our properties has appeared in the national press, offering widespread exposure to potential buyers for our client. Mercia Lodge has been featured in The Week magazine’s round up of the best homes for sale with long drives… Read the full piece here.

Mercia Lodge – Spalding

For more information about Mercia Lodge, which offers its buyer a wonderful renovation opportunity, click here. Alternatively call Ildi or Jan on 01780 750 200.